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New Beginnings by Eimmii New Beginnings :iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 1
Someone Talk To Me
Someone give me a clue,
The fast and the furious,
How to get through.
I can't wait for the chance,
The chance to break free,
Break free from the pain,
I need to talk, oh
Will someone please talk to me?
I can't tell a soul,
It's tainted from my blood,
Running down the road,
Save me from myself.
I can't wait for the world to change,
To change from dusk to dawn,
If dawn won't come,
I need to talk, oh
Will someone please talk to me?
Free me from the world outside,
Free me from the pain inside,
Free me from life,
I can't wait for the chance to change,
The chance to change into myself,
I can't break free from this pain,
Will someone talk to me?
Oh, I need someone to talk to.
I can't wait for the chance to change,
The chance to change into myself,
I can't break away from you,
And I just died, today.
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 0
All But Surrender
In this world of lies,
In this world of pain,
All but surrender your faith.
All but surrender,
The times we've shared,
All but surrender your faith.
Stuck in this world of pain,
From the shadows,
They call me by name,
All but surrender.
The truth is out,
The skies have fallen, down
I go, out of control,
All I can do is surrender.
But there you are,
You pull me up,
I'm falling up,
You push me back down.
All but surrender,
The times we've shared,
All but surrender your faith.
I did my share,
No it's not fair,
All but surrender your faith.
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 0
Oct. 9, 2006 - Five Hundred
she can't go on
five hundred's all gone
and he writes a song
kalaidoscope in her mind
edgy shadows
blurry models
mountains crumble
trouble follows
suivre moi
n'oubli pas
what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger
shiny porceline
acid fixation
gaudy jewelry
storms of love
fogs show truth
sprayed water
fall down
shrine colors
broken pagers
numbers counting
seventy kisses
sweet sounds
and she misses
he writes
blue black mornings
forever warnings
too much of a good thing
baggy trousers
fingersmeared mirror
chewable tablets
sink six feet
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 0
Oct. 10, 2006 - Failed Attempt
failed fixations  attempts
what is love
forever lost
to the cares of yesterday
jump down
the fall for the thrill
you're as lost as you feel
skeptical illusions
confusion disorientation
swayed footsteps
long time comin'
scream it
are you through bleeding for those
loved and forgotten
think twice
last chance
to make it seem
all worthwhile
had enough yet
give and take
you've given too much
she can't take it all
mistaken dreams
soundless screams
shattered glass
she bleeds
looking back
fall to pieces
deadly fun
ran too long
not what you hoped
maybe you should
for a moment
let her fix
what hasn't been broken
what is broken
and things untouched
trop de l'eau
elle se pleur
chaque nuit
elle est ici
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 0
Little Sue Little
"Congratulations, it's a girl!"
The nurse said one crisp October morning.
Her name was Sue Little.
She was the cutest of the cute.
Until one morning when she started to puke.
Her cries reached the bedroom door.
A father within there lie.
Disheveled and tired.
He staggered to his daughter's room,
And to his surprise,
A baby, slimy, with bright green eyes,
And a face so red.
Entangled in covers,
Lying flat on her back,
Another outburst,
A deadly attack.
He picked her up, put her to his chest,
And rocked his daughter until he heard her rest,
Into the playpen, so soft and clean,
He cleaned her crib till it shone and gleaned.
He placed her back, in her crib so neat,
A warm new cover, a back exposed.
To the world above, and down below,
Little Sue Little died peacefully and slow.
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 1
Nov. 4, 2006 - Feather Kisses
Feather kisses
Right and clever
Proper grammar
Now or never
Face of beauty
Time and patience
Sweatdrop drawings
Tild and teather
Connecting wires
Spark and pleasure
Hidden corset
Dime and measure
Burning bridges
Flowing letter
Tearstained pages
Primp and weather
Step by step
Grounding mother
Wailing child
Haunting mirror
Creme satire
Suspect never
Follow heather
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 2
Nov. 4, 2006 - If Only
A backward glance, she looks behind
Tousled hair, a crooked spine
Unspoken words, downward-winding time
Crossed eyebrows and a disapproving glance
A poisoned mind, lost forever?
Hush up now, she could do better.
Tu m'as guider,
Avec tes beaux mots de chancon
She'll never forget the
Stories, plein to tell
A sister, a friend, a lover
Champions of fragile wonder
Bones too shaky, roll of thunder
Troubled soul, cry no longer
"If only" came the quiet whisper
Troubled soul, yearn no longer
Hold my hand, don't pull me under
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 2
Nov. 5, 2006 - Invisible
Don't make those jokes about me / It's not very becoming / And besides the fact / you know what it's like / To feel worthless / inside / I knew it about you / You lie inside... / You noticed then that / that was too much / for me / Invisible / only until / I fade away / So why should I / Suffer / For your ignorance / Invisible / only until / I fade away... / And I know that / You're always there / for me / But have you ever / Shown it before / And you know what it's like / To feel worthless / You lie inside... / So why should I suffer / for your ignorance / Invisible / until I fade away...
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 0
The Light In Your Eyes
The light in your eyes tells me all I need to know,
All you need is courage, the strength to let go,
of all that you've known, and all that you've seen,
And think about us, and our well-being.
Together we can overcome anything,
Our love will see us through,
But only if you remain faithful,
If only you remain true.
Love can move mountains,
There's no doubt about that,
Love can be random,
Like the Cat in the Hat.
But the moral of this poem,
It's so plain to see,
Is that I love you,
And you love me.
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 0
Nov. 6, 2006 - Nonsense
I've been doin' your laundry for so long
Where's that heart I used to find on your sleeve?
A period of mourning
A love that wasn't mine
Deadly acquaintance
You said it would be fine
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 0 0
Nov. 6, 2006 - Forced Cheerful
Sweet sensuality
Slip and a curve
Touch of the lips
Love flowing in
A river-like
Pattern the
Sky is crying
Hand in hand
Crack'd lips
Beautiful faces
Crease by crease
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 1 0
Nov. 7, 2006 - A Rap
He writes a song and she dies inside
Words of truth, seen through the lies
A song that always made her cry
Review it now and tell me why
How could I have been so blind
To the love so freely given to me
Why could I not see it?
It had so much mutuality
"For cry'n out loud!"
Ripples through the creek
So obvious that a blind man could have seen
But I'm all-seeing
I over-analyze the facts
Behind your back
How could I have been so blind
Love left to me, so freely behind
He writes a song and she dies inside
Words of truth, seen through the lies.
In the back of my mind, hidden
Behind the cobwebs, of time
I linger on, long forgotten
Ebb and flow behind
In the back of my mind, hidden
Behind the cobwebs, of time
I linger on, long forgotten
Ebb and flow behind
In the back of my mind, long forgotten
Behind the curtains, of time
I linger on, hidden
Ebb and flow behind
:iconeimmii:Eimmii 2 0


  • Listening to: Sympathetic Character - Alanis Morissette
  • Reading: Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms
I felt like I needed a space to express a thought in my mind where others can read it and contribute if they want to. This isn't something I want to write in my journal and struggle through by myself, so I'm writing it here, the last place on the internet that I have to express it.

I want to live a life one day where my only possessions are the things I need, so that I can have time freed up to focus on my own happiness. I truly believe that having a lot of "stuff" inhibits this.

So, I started with my online life first, where I spend the most of my time. I deleted my facebook. I deleted my blogs. I kept a couple of things, like dailybooth, which helps me document my journey through attaining dreadlocks (which I suppose I could do here, instead, and eliminate another site). I kept neopets for the games, which could honestly be replaced by meditation to relieve stress. I don't /need/ neopets. It doesn't bring me happiness, per say, just a way to turn off my brain for a while. I don't /need/ to document how my hair changes either, but it brings me happiness, so I keep it.

What I'm worried about, is if I'm not going to learn anything about necessity while I still live a privileged life. I don't have to worry about going in debt from college. For the next three years, and the past year, I won't have to worry about money at all, basically, because my parents have insured that I can live debt-free. It was my choice to want to get a job.

But things like clothes. I already shop at thrift stores, fine, which is a far cry better than getting my clothes at the mall (both for my wallet and the earth). But if I limited myself to making all of my clothes (including my underclothes), is that the only way I'd learn about what I truly need and don't need?

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I wanted to try and get it out anyway. Maybe if it's out there somewhere, someone will find it and be able to make sense of it for me.


Meg Desrochers
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